What Do You Like?

What Do You LikeI heard on the radio recently that a certain group {I can’t remember what/who} did a study based on the things you “like” on facebook.

Do you like Mossy Oak camo? 

Do you like Sovereign Grace music? 

Do you like the book Give Them Grace by Elyse Fitzpatrick and Jessica Thompson? 

Do you like Thirty-One Gifts? 

Do you like Mary Kay Cosmetics? 

{Hmmm….you and I might get along really well if you said “yes” to all of those!} 

The point is, this group could tell with 95% accuracy what your religion is, your political affiliation, your personality, and much more, based on your facebook “likes”. 

The reporter then wrapped up with a comment about how careful we should be with what like on facebook because “it could come back to bite”.  But immediately my thought was: why?

I understand there are some extreme situations in which it could be a problem, but in those cases, it would probably be wise for that person to not be on facebook at all.  If we live life with integrity it shouldn’t  matter what we like on facebook because it’s just an extension of who we really are.  For some people it could “come back to bite” them, but most likely if that’s who they truly are, it’s going to “bite” whether they are on facebook or not.  If you are real in your online presence, then who cares if they figure out your political party, what you believe about God, what you are like, and all the rest.  That’s who you are! 

Quite honestly, if people can’t figure out what you believe from what you post and like on facebook…there is your real problem.

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