Wanting What I Want…

imageFor several years I have seen the flip flops and sneakers that hail the public with the promise of toning your thighs while you do your everyday walking.

And I have wanted them.

At first there were only flip flops, before the sneakers came out, and since I don’t like things between my toes – i.e. flip flops – I didn’t buy them.

But I still wanted them.

Then I saw the sneakers and other various styles of shoes that supposedly were a work out without working out.

And I really wanted to try them.

image Now the only thing that kept me from buying them was the fact that they were fairly expensive.  At least for my budget, anyways.

But I still longed to have a pair.

I soon began seeing reports on TV, in magazine’s, and online about these shoes.  And most of the articles said that they didn’t work like they said they would.


I still wanted a pair!

When I saw something online again today about these “miracle work out shoes” I found myself wanting a pair.  Even though I know they won’t really do what they say they will.

This made me think about how so often we simply want what we want.  Despite what we know.  All we can seem to focus on at times is our want.

So why would I want those bulky, expensive, non-working shoes?

  • Because they look cool.
  • Because maybe…just maybe…they would actually work for me and tone my flabby thighs.
  • Because it would make me feel like I was doing something healthy.
  • Because I want to be on the “cutting edge”.

Thinking about why I would still want them got me thinking about what I was thinking.

Did you get all that?!

Anyways, I realized – once again! – just how much our thinking controls us.

What we think controls our thoughts.  Duh!  I know!

But it’s our thoughts that control what we want, and our wants that control what we do.

Instead of thinking about how cool I might look in them…which is pretty doubtful…I need to think the truth that they don’t work and are too expensive for me to buy for a simple pair of shoes.

I need to think about things that are…

“Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things.” – Philippians 4:8

…like God loves me no-matter how flabby my thighs are…like God wants me to use my money wisely and not on foolish purchases…that I don’t need to be cool in the eyes of anyone…and that I should be focusing on how to share Christ with others more than on being “cutting edge”.

So, I want what I want…because I’m thinking what I’m thinking.

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