WANTED: Spiders! (Dead or Gone)

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A hair-raising scream came from down the hallway.  I tripped over my own feet as I scrambled to respond – my mind quickly imagining blood or broken bones at the other end of the house.  Half way there I hear the high pitch scream again, but this time forming the words: “It’s a spider!”  My crazed panic subsides and I mentally add “call exterminator” to my ongoing to-do list. 

Spider Warrant

Sadly, spiders are a daily – if not hourly – unwanted visitor to our home.  While I am not fond of them, neither am I terrified of them like my 6-year-old son.  That evening I mentioned to my husband that we needed to call the “bug man” again.  We both disliked the idea of spending almost $300 and the inconvenience of having to all be out of the house for the entire day.  And the thought of chemicals being sprayed around our home creeped me out as much as the big black spiders themselves!  But what is one to do?  When your son screams and clings to you at bedtime because he’s petrified of spiders in his bed you become desperate enough to take actions you don’t really like.

Thankfully this isn’t the end of the story. 

Because of the looming expense I procrastinated calling anyone to come.  This is one time I’m so glad I dawdled!  Just a day or two later I came across this book and the little fact that she tucked in there about using peppermint water to deter pests…like spiders.  I ran to Wegmans the next day and bought myself some peppermint essential oil! 

In God’s surprising grace we were leaving for a two week vacation in just days so I figured the timing couldn’t be better to try this natural remedy before calling in the toxic chemicals.  I filled my spray bottle with water and drops of peppermint oil and went to work.  I sprayed.  Sprayed some more.  And sprayed again!  I sprayed molding, curtains, shades, furniture, bedding, walls, vents, anything and almost everything in my house.

Let me quickly insert here that last year, while gone for a week with the teens, the spiders took over our house.  We came home to cobwebs everywhere.  I do not kid and I am not exaggerating.  We walked in the door and got sticky webs all over us.  *shuddering*  So I figured if we left for two weeks and came home to less than that I would call it a success.

Insert two weeks.

As we headed home I began thinking about my ongoing experiment here at the house.  I wondered what I would or would not find on our arrival.  Finally we pulled in the drive way, unlocked the door, and…


This is big news, friends!  For weeks and weeks before I had been killing multiple spiders a day and knocking down webs on a daily basis as well.  Now, after a good dose of peppermint water and two weeks of time I counted only 5 little spiders tucked away in 5 different corners of the entire house.  They were the “normal” spiders who claim the “normal” spider spaces in one’s home…not the ones that boldly walk in and set up camp right in the middle of human space!

You would have thought I won a million dollars or something as equally noteworthy.  I was practically giddy with excitement that it had worked and saved us a lot of money.  It only cost me about $2 rather than $300ish.  And it was safe for our family and a bonus is that it smelled good.

Since coming home I cleaned and re-sprayed everything – especially bedding.  While Micah is still very concerned about spiders being in his bed, we have not seen any more big ones in the house, just a few small “normal” ones.

So moral of the story?  Go buy this book, a spray bottle, some peppermint essential oil, and get rid of those pesky spiders!

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