The Man Who Makes A Difference by Jim George

The Man Who Makes A Difference: 10 Keys to a Life of ImpactimageThe Man Who Makes A Difference: 10 Keys to a Life of Impact by Jim George
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Jim & Elizabeth George have been used mightily by the Lord to encourage men and women to pursue depth in their relationship with Him and this book is yet another challenge for all men.

I really liked how Jim gives 10 practical keys for becoming a man who impacts the world for the cause of Christ based on the Bible and the life of Paul. Each key is presented in two chapters; the first being an overview of sorts while the second is how it applies to your life. The reading is probing and convicting all the while being easy to read and comprehend. Jim’s writing is personable and humble. I am touched by the spirit in which he writes

While I say I liked everything about this book, I appreciate it for how it can apply to any man no matter what stage of life he is in or what his status is – married, single, etc. It seems to me it’s a great companion for Elizabeth’s book for women, “A Woman’s High Calling”.


The Bible is filled with amazing people, and Paul stands out prominently among them. What made him so effective, so influential? In this book, author Jim George explores how Paul took God’s priorities for life and made them his own. The result? He had a significant impact on everyone around him. From Paul we can learn how to…

  • let God’s power work in and through us
  • acquire discernment for making right decisions and choices
  • pursue holiness that allows God to work through us unhindered
  • stay faithful to God’s calling all the way to the end

Because it is God who enables us, these qualities are accessible to every believer. Readers will experience true fulfillment as they take steps toward making a difference in the workplace, at home, at church, and in their community.

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Thanks to Harvest House for the courtesy of a review copy.  The opinion expressed is purely my own and was in no way influenced.

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