The Gospel, Boxed Mac & Cheese, and Me

The Gospel, Boxed Mac & Cheese, and Me by @MandyJHoffmanI am on a new adventure called “homechooling”.  Although right now it is as much a fun adventure as a trip to the dentist is a vacation.

At least once a day – on a good day – one of my children melts down about how hard the work is and how they don’t know the answers.  I remind them that they do not have to know the answers, in fact they shouldn’t know the answers because that is the whole reason they are in school – to learn!

Today I am having to spoon feed myself those very thoughts.  The most “successful” thing I did today was fix boxed macaroni & cheese and serve it along with sour cream & onion chips to my children for their lunch.  It has been a morning filled with tears from all four us as they struggle to grasp math concepts and as I struggle to explain and help them connect the new knowledge to their current understanding.  There are tear stains on my school planner to prove that it was a rough morning.

So I’m sipping a second cup of coffee and allowing the kids to watch a movie while I remind myself of the gospel:

  • God loves me
  • He has chosen me
  • His plan is to make me look like His perfect Son, Jesus Christ
  • He will use all things to do this
  • Both the things that feel good and the things that I hate, dread, and dislike
  • EVERYTHING in EVERY minute of my EVERY day is for my good and for God’s glory
  • Nothing – including serving boxed mac & cheese and processed potato chips for lunch – can separate me from the love of God
  • God sovereignly placed 1st, 3rd, and 5th grade math in my life right now to show me (again) that I need Him for all things
  • His grace means He loves me even when I mess up and melt down over elementary math
  • He has created our bodies to endure the need for a lunch of boxed mac & cheese and potato chips

*sigh*  This seems so simple.  But this is where I live life.  Constantly reminding myself of the amazingly simple gospel that my mind can not fully understand.  As much as I want to cross something off my to-do list, I learn every day that reminding of myself of the gospel will never get crossed off this side of heaven.

* * *

This is why I need friends to help me turn my focus back to the gospel.  Some of those friends are books I have read.  Here are two of two of them:

You can read quotes from each of these books on my Facebook page.

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  1. Abra Marie September 2, 2014 at #

    “Nothing – including serving boxed mac & cheese and processed potato chips for lunch – can separate me from the love of God” — so thankful for this reminder today! Bless you!


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