Running On Empty by Barbara Bancroft {A Book Review}

Running On Empty by Barbara Bancroft {A Book Review}Running on Empty: The Gospel for Women in Ministry by Barbara Bancroft

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Overview

Running on Empty is anything but empty! It is the deep truth of theology applied directly to the lives of women in the ministry – whether they are wife to a pastor or a missionary. Many books written for this audience are rather light and deal with the surface issues, but not this one. I found myself both laughing out loud and crying as I read this book that was so very true to the life of a woman in the trenches of ministry.

The Readability

This is a longer book than most these days at twelve chapters and 210 pages. The over all theme is as the subtitle says – “The Gospel for Women in Ministry” – and each chapter applies the gospel to a struggle we women face while serving in ministry. While I loved the content, I did find that this book was harder for me to read as the flow was a bit rough and hard to follow at times. I found that each chapter felt like its own little book and reading with that in mind seemed to help me.

The Highlights

One of the highlights was the honesty with which Barbara shares about how we will suffer for Christ. So often this is brushed aside lightly and I think too many women (and their husbands) leave ministry because they were not adequately prepared for the hardships they would face. Too often in the USA we have a skewed view of suffering and Barbara does a great job of setting us straight.

The Downside

The only downside to me was that it was slightly challenging to read. Otherwise, there was no downside.

The Recommendation

I highly recommend this to all women serving in the ministry or thinking about doing so either as a pastors’ wife or as a missionary. This one of the most comprehensive books I have scene on the heart issues we face.

(I received a courtesy copy of this book for review purposes from New Growth Press but the opinion stated is purely my own.)

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