2013-09-08 17.00.41I started this year with a resolution to learn to enjoy drinking coffee.  Coffee that I make at home…not pay an arm and a leg for at Starbucks.

Oh!  I still go to Starbucks…I just spend less there and enjoy my own little café here at home using my Keurig.  Now as I enjoy my coffee at home I make myself drink an 16oz cup of water first to counteract the dehydration affects of coffee.

I find that I get into my “regulation” mode as I turn on the tap and fill up the cup of fresh water mentally rehearsing to myself…”Okay, Mandy, drink this water first so you know that you are enjoying coffee but taking care of yourself because this is the best thing for your body and for you and you want to do the right thing”…

And this regulating doesn’t limit itself to my coffee drinking.  If I take a moment to stop and think about it all I can see that I have little speech tapes that play for a whole multitude of things I do.

…”It’s time to read the Bible now so that I don’t feel guilty and so that I set the example”…

…”Oh!  I need to make my bed so my room looks neat and tidy”…

And on and on I could go.  But I am going through a fabulous study of God’s Word called Because He Loves Me and as I was pouring my coffee this morning I paused just long enough to hear myself rolling the automatic “tape” of why I need to drink water; and that’s when I stopped myself.  Instead of just listening to my “old tape” I made a “new tape” to play that gets rid of my self imposed regulations and makes me kneel at the cross.  Now I preach to myself this:

“Take a moment to drink a cup of water so that you can enjoy the coffee knowing you are still taking care of your body so that it can serve you well as you pour out your life to Christ who poured out His life so I may have this life today and the special blessing of not only His salvation and grace but this simple pleasure of a cup of coffee.”

You see, as I focus on the gospel my life is transforming.  Even my coffee drinking regulations are slipping away and being replaced by the joy of the Lord.

“…and to know the love of Christ which surpassed knowledge, that you may be filled up to all the fullness of God.” – Ephesians 3:19

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