Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by Jeremy Lelek

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by Jeremy LelekPost Traumatic Stress Disorder: Recovering Hope by Jeremy Lelek
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The Overview

This mini-book (also known as a booklet) is a straight-to-the-point look at what Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is and how you can recover hope of overcoming the symptoms that make up PTSD. In this short book you will get a brief, yet in-depth look into what PTSD is, what the Bible says about it, and how you can heal from the pain that has caused the onset of this mental disorder that causes both emotional and physical symptoms. Not only does this book give you the Biblical explanation and hope, but it offers many practical applications of how Scripture can and will guide you in this journey of healing. While Lelek is very frank and tells it like it is, he also is kind and takes the time to explain why some of the harder things to hear are truly comforting when you understand them in light of the whole Bible. (This subject is a great example of why it’s dangerous to pull verses out of content!) As I read this book I realized that the extreme fear I have dealt with since being in an automobile accident 13 years ago is really PTSD and reading this mini-book excited me to see how – through the grace of God – I have overcome so much already and can continue to find freedom from PTSD. This was just the dose of truth I needed and I am sure that many suffering through the symptoms of PTSD will be encouraged after working their way through this helpful resource as well.

The Readability

This mini-book is extremely easy to read seeing as it’s only 56 pages. It’s broken up into shorter sections including several bullet-point lists that make it easier to digest than just continuous paragraphs of thought. The Principles of Perseverance sections are a great blend of practical application to the theology discussed in this book. If you work through those exercises you will be training yourself in what you just learned. For the counselor using this book as a resource for their counselee, these sections make great homework assignments which the next counseling session can jump off of. While the book is not at a 3rd grade reading level, neither is it too academic – it sits somewhere in the middle.

The Highlights

Two highlights stand out. The first being it’s short. You don’t have to spend hours to understand this distressing issue, rather only an hour or two at most. The second best thing is that this little resources does a great job of teaching and then following it up with how you connect that specific passage to your life.

The Downside

I want to say none, but there is one little, itsy-bitsy thought that comes to mind. For those not familiar with nouthetic counseling this book’s briefness could frustrate them because they may feel that it’s too forward and not gentle enough. I highly advise it be used in conjunction with live counseling sessions. This is not necessarily the best resource to hand out like a cough drop, use discernment in the openness of the potential reader.

The Recommendation

Obviously from all the above comments you know I highly recommend this book. I personally think it’s a great tool for a counselor to work through with the counselee and also a great starting point for the counselor to gain a better understanding of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

* * *

This mini-book was provided courtesy of P&R Publishing for review purposes only. The above review is my personal opinion of this book.

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