Managing Your Time In Reading Time Management Books

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If I see a book on organization I want it.  While on vacation I was browsing stuff on my phone and saw that the book bundle of the week was all time organization books.

I tried to buy it.

But alas, I had tech issues and wasn’t able to grab it.  For someone who’s addicted to organizing it’s like a moment of sheer panic!  Okay…maybe not quite that bad.  But close. *grin*

Since I couldn’t buy that bundle I did remember the title of one of the books in the bundled and proceeded to buy it on my kindle.  Then I found another one for free on a blog.  So here is my brief recap of them and my advice to save you money and time on books about organizing your time.  Consider it managing your time in reading time management books!

The first book is Crystal Paine’s book Time Management 101You can get your own free copy here.  It’s easy to read, especially on your computer.  It’s got a fun lay out that made it appealing to read.  The content is straight forward and easy to both read and apply.paperbackbookstanding Transparent

The second book is Creating A Schedule That Works by Marlene Griffith.   And you can get your own copy here.  This book breaks down creating a schedule into daily bites over several days.  If you have never ever created your own schedule this may be the book you want to begin with.

While both of these books are good for various individuals depending on where you are on the timeline of organizing your time, I also want to think about your time and wallet in the process of organizing your time.  I personally think that the best book I have ever read – and I’ve read many of them! – on time management is by Amy Lynn Andrews: Tell Your Time.  I’m sorry Ladies, but as nice as these books and all the other ones I have read are, nothing comes close to Amy’s simple but every so helpful book.

You can read my full review of Tell Your Time here.  But I highly encourage you to just go buy it!  I really don’t think you’ll regret it.  And if it’s one of those ebooks you bought or downloaded for free some time ago….go read it now!

4 Responses to Managing Your Time In Reading Time Management Books

  1. kalynbrooke July 29, 2013 at #

    I really enjoyed Amy’s book too…I also have Crystal’s, but haven’t had a chance to read it yet. Time organization is something that is always needed! 🙂

  2. Diane Shiffer July 29, 2013 at #

    Count me as one of those who have downloaded Amy’s book but never got around to reading it… guess I’ll make time for that today 😉

    • Mandy Hoffman July 29, 2013 at #

      Oh Diane! That makes me chuckle!  I am so glad you are going to read Tell Your Time and now I’m going to be on pins and needles waiting to hear what you thought of it.  It’s such a quick read…enjoy!

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