Just A Cabinet

Just A Cabinet by @MandyJHoffmanIt is a simple pine board cabinet finished with cherry stain and hinged doors that bear bouquets of hand painted wild flowers.  I bought it over eleven years ago, when as newlyweds, we lived in an apartment with such a small kitchen that I needed extra cupboard space.  For thirteen months she stood tall and firm holding all my canned goods and baking supplies.  Then we built a house and she was moved into our bedroom, next to my little reading nook, and her shelves were filled with books and journals.  Three years later and our third move began her eighteen-month stint as my dresser.  I remember lining her shelves with plastic baskets to help sort and divide my clothing into neat piles.

After searching for what seemed like a very, very long time we finally found a house of our own and she was once again filled with books and other supplies in her latest role of office assistant.  For five years I stuffed more and more books onto her three shelves until my husband said I might break her and needed to come up with a new system of storage.  So one day I slipped little coasters under her feet and moved her to Abby’s room where she currently resides full of extra blankets, sheets, and towels for when overnight guests come.  For almost twelve years and through a handful of various jobs, she has willingly, without complaint, done the task that was required.  I know…it is just a cabinet…but there is so much that I can learn from just a cabinet.

I am not much different as I am just a clay vessel formed and designed in God’s hands to do whatever He asks of me.  My roles have changed over the years, as well.  While I may have enjoyed some of them more than others, that is not what mattered.  What did matter, and what continues to matter most, is that I simply reflect God’s glory.  I am just a cabinet filled with God’s grace and made so that the world might admire His handiwork as displayed in my life.  When I look at my own cabinet that is about to be moved yet again, it brings back many memories of how God has worked in our lives and changed us over the years.  In the same way, I want people to look at my life and be reminded of God’s great grace, faithful provision, and everlasting love.

I am just a cabinet waiting to see what my next role will be…

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  1. Ruth A. Stiles December 27, 2013 at #

    Thank you for this gentle and loving reminder of our potential.

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