Glimpses of Grace by Gloria Furman {Book Review & Author Interview}

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Now let me quickly explain that first you will read my review of Gloria’s book, then you’ll read a brief interview I had with her, and then you’ll get to watch the book trailer!  So don’t miss anything – this is awesome stuff!

{The Review}

Glimpses of Grace by Gloria FurmanGlimpses of Grace: Treasuring the Gospel in Your Home by Gloria Furman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Overview


I love to read about gospel grace and it’s impact on our every moment of every day. Because of this I was delighted to read this book that talked about gospel grace from the perspective of a woman applying it to the mundane and not so mundane hours of daily life.

I enjoy reading non-fiction books, but Glimpses of Grace was addicting! Gloria eloquently simplified deep theology and applied to some of the biggest issues in the average woman’s life. This book may appear to be for Moms, but it’s not. Yes, it covers some “mom” topics, but it’s a book that any woman could read and greatly benefit from. It talks about hospitality, friendships, cleaning your home, and more!

The Readability

This is one of the easiest reading books on the topic of gospel grace that I have read thus far. For the category of gospel grace books for women, it’s by far the easiest read and best read I’ve come across yet. Gloria’s sense of humor makes you giggle in the light sections and in the deep sections. And you’ll never hear the word “smurf” again without laughing to yourself! Her style is not so much “explain the hard things and then apply it” but rather weaving deep thoughts in with how they flesh out on a daily basis all through the book. You are both unpacking and applying truth from the beginning to the end.

The Highlights

All of it! But if I have to name a few, then the first is her genuineness. I felt like I made a new friend as I read this book. She does not just preach what to do and not to do, she openly shares from her own failures and joys. Also, I liked her everyday approach. You don’t need a dictionary on hand to figure out every other word as you read. And each chapter could stand alone so that you don’t feel like you are trying to “get back into it” every time you pick up the book. However, if you are like me, you’ll be barely able to put it down in the first place!

The Downside

None. Whatsoever.

The Recommendation

Read this book. Buy multiple copies of this book. Hand those copies out to your friends like a candy bar or cup of coffee! Encourage teen girls to read this book. And lastly, but not least, be sure to discuss what you’ve learned with anyone else who reads it. Enjoy!

To read an excerpt of this book, click here.

{The Interview}

Glo_mugshotI am so excited and very grateful that Gloria took the time to chat with me through e-mail and twitter.  She has been so sweet and humble.  I feel like I have more than a new favorite author – I have a new friend.   After reading Glimpses of Grace I had some questions for her and I hope the answers will make you run and grab your own copy of her book and make a new friend, too!

So on with the questions…

  1. What books have you read, enjoyed, and would highly recommend for those who want to grow in their understanding of the daily impact of the gospel? 

    This is such a great question! There are lots of great books out there on “gospel centrality” to sift through. I’m glad you asked specifically about books on the daily impact of the gospel. Some contemporary favorites on that subject are these:

    The Gospel for Real Life, Jerry Bridges

    A Gospel Primer for Christians, Milton Vincent

    Because He Loves Me, Elyse Fitzpatrick

    Note to Self, Joe Thorn


  2. How did you come to understand the daily implication of the gospel vs. the gospel for salvation?  Was it from the moment of salvation, later in your life, through reading, or because of trials in your life?

    Another excellent question! I share about this quite a bit in Glimpses of Grace, but if you’re looking for a shorter answer you can read this post that I wrote on The Gospel Coalition blog.


  3. What led you to write this book?

    I wrote this book because I wanted to remind myself (and others) of the supreme governing reality in our lives when we belong to Jesus—that of being “in Christ.” Learning to cherish the gospel became key for me in beginning to understand this, and living in my home is the primary place I need to work that out.


  4. Who have been the most influential people in your life in impacting your spiritual growth?

    The Lord has surrounded me with a great cloud of witnesses to his grace! Besides the obvious people I could name in God’s word whose examples (good and bad) have impacted me, the people who I immediately thought of are: my husband David, our co-workers here in the Middle East, several of my professors from seminary, a handful of pastors/authors (from church history and today), and many faithful friends.


  5. What/how do you cultivate a hunger in your life for the gospel grace?

    Two ways that come to mind in regards to helping cultivate a hunger for grace. One is by recognizing the stark reality that apart from Christ I can do nothing. To say that I have a desperate need for God’s grace would be an understatement! I try to remember this fact often. The second way is by enjoying God’s grace upon grace in the glorious gospel. The more you taste and see God’s goodness, the more and more you want of it. You begin to develop a “palette” so-to-speak for his grace, and you find that nothing else can satisfy you.

You can get to know Gloria yourself through her blog, facebook, and twitter.

{The Book Trailer}

Here’s a sneak peek at the book:

Glimpses of Grace: Treasuring the Gospel in Your Home from Crossway on Vimeo.

{The Books}

Here are links to all the books.  Yes, I will earn a few pennies if you purchase a book through these links, but let me remind you that I’m not recommending them to earn money…I’m recommending them because they are GREAT books that you should read!

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    Sounds like a fantastic book! Adding it to my stack!

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    I can’t wait to read this one! I really enjoy when authors break down deep theology so we {not so schooled} ones can understand. This was a great review.

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