Flowers From God

I have two black thumbs.

My Mother and Husband both claim that it is due to my forgetfulness in watering any plants under my care.  While I agree that as teen that was in fact most often the problem and occasionally still is, but not usually.  In my defense, I have also killed some plants by over watering them!

Flowers From God by @MandyJHoffmanBecause of what seems like having two “black thumbs” rather than “green thumbs”, gardening has never been my “thing”.  At our last home, we finally took the time to landscape; it was simple, easy to maintain, and yet pretty.  Most of the plants were bushes that stayed green year round, but there were three that flowered: two azaleas and one special rhododendron bush.  (It was a different kind that had dainty leaves, but for the life of me I cannot remember it’s name!)  For the past few years I have really enjoyed sitting on my front porch, basking in the warm sun, and enjoying the sight of cheery blooms.  You see, just because I have two black thumbs does not mean that I don’t like flowers.  Quite the opposite!  I grow fonder of flowers with each passing year.  However, I still cannot seem to get any living plants to survive inside my home, so I resort to bi-weekly bouquets of fresh flowers.  I’m not sure why, but it makes me feel like a 1950’s homemaker when I buy a new bunch each time I get my groceries.  (Just smile and nod!)

Three months ago we moved.  We had to leave behind a lot.  Family.  Friends.  Schoolmates.  My bushes.  As the snow dissipated from the ground of our new home and the signs of Spring began to appear, I was elated to see purple buds on two bushes just outside my kitchen porch.  On top of that, there is a large, normal, rhododendron bush right along the walk way, too!  (I don’t yet know what color it is, though.)  You may need to smile and nod at me again because…I cried!  Yes, over azaleas!

I do not have the natural ability and know-how that so many of my friends have that enables one to move and create beauty with plants in a new location.  It was hard enough to make sure those three precious bushes did not die in New York, let alone try it all over again at a home we plan to only be in temporarily!  I was missing the simple pleasure of my pretty little bushes.  So when I saw those beautiful, mature, and full-budded (is that a word?) bushes, I cried.  They were tears of gratitude in praise to my God who not only has given me the gift of a peaceful relationship with Him, but also cares about the little things that make me smile like a two-year-old.

This morning, the sun rose bright after two days of solid rain.  I sent Abby outside to do a chore and moments later she burst through the door hollering: “Mom, Mom, Mom!  You gotta come take a picture of this!”.  I stepped out the door to see both azalea bushes in full bloom and two beautiful red tulips glistening with raindrops that seemed to be dancing in the sunlight.  She was right.  They were beautiful.  I took pictures and marveled at God’s grace in the form of flowers.

They were flowers from God.

3 Responses to Flowers From God

  1. Jess White June 19, 2014 at #

    Awesome! I love how God so often speaks to me through nature and it’s beauty.

  2. Jennifer May 8, 2014 at #

    WOW! I would have cried, too! Isn’t our Daddy just AMAZING?!?

    • Mandy J. Hoffman May 8, 2014 at #

      Oh He is! I know I should not be surprised by His grace in the small things, but every time I am just left standing in awe of how he cares about the smallest of details. Thanks for celebrating His flowers with me, Jen! Are you a gardener…or have black thumbs like me?

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