Charles Spurgeon by Kathy Triggs

Charles Spurgeon: Boy Preacher to Christian TheologianBook Four StarsCharles Spurgeon: Boy Preacher to Christian Theologian by Kathy Triggs
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Overview

This little book is a brief overview of the life of Charles Spurgeon. It’s a great way to gain a general understanding of his life and ministry. I have heard so much about him and yet never really known anything about him. This biography helped me get to know the man behind the reputation.

The Readability

It’s only 92 pages long and divided up into only 3 chapters. However, it’s not what I consider an easy read. There are a lot of details covered in this short book and I found it a challenge to follow all the controversies addressed in side it’s pages. That said, it is still a great little book if you just want to become generally familiar with this famous preacher.

The Highlights

For me the highlight was getting a general understanding of the life of Spurgeon and of his ministry. It is nice to have a short book that gives you a brief, yet thorough look into the life of someone, and this book did just that. It peaked my curiosity enough to want to read more about him.

The Downside

Like I previously mentioned, it wasn’t a “fun” or necessarily “relaxing” read.

The Recommendation

Despite what I consider to be the downside, I still recommend this book. There is a lot to be learned from the life of another strong man of faith in Christ. However, it may not be the best read for a younger teen.

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