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I am not a big fan of rap. Okay, I am not a fan of rap. At all! BUT…! Thanks to Grace Dependent I stumbled upon this rap and I have to admit… I like it! Hope you can appreciate it, too.

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I don’t steal. Well…I don’t like to think that I steal. But the honest…hard. cold. truth. is that I do. I steal glory. Last night as my husband and I lay in bed falling asleep, we casually talked about some things we take for granted. In that fleeting, sleepy conversation we both recognized that these “things” were “things”…

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Real Help

Do people ever share their problems with you? Do you stand or sit there and wish you could help them but feel like you don’t know where to start or how to begin? Pastor Brad Bigney gives an excellent introduction to the importance of Biblical Counseling Training and it’s importance on your life.  Yes…YOU!  If…

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A Candy Stash

This morning Micah came to me with a little packet of candy and asked me to open it.  Knowing that the candy was in the top cupboard I asked him where he got it from. “From my candy collection.” He responded with a grin. I asked him to show me his collection and he proudly…

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I started this year with a resolution to learn to enjoy drinking coffee.  Coffee that I make at home…not pay an arm and a leg for at Starbucks. Oh!  I still go to Starbucks…I just spend less there and enjoy my own little café here at home using my Keurig.  Now as I enjoy my…

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Micah and his broken lollipop

A Broken Lollipop

Micah likes lollipops. The very first time he had one he was unsure of what to do.  However, as it is with kids and all things sugar, he quickly figured out what to do with the sticky* treat. *I say “sticky” because lollipops and 2-year-old’s drool make for very sticky situations! So a few weeks…

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