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The Word “Never” Never.  We say this word a lot.  We use it as an expression when we are almost speechless.  Other times we declare something by it’s use, and still some times we use it to command those around us.  We also use the word to share our thoughts about others.  And at times we use…

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Flowers From God by @MandyJHoffman

Flowers From God

I have two black thumbs. My Mother and Husband both claim that it is due to my forgetfulness in watering any plants under my care.  While I agree that as teen that was in fact most often the problem and occasionally still is, but not usually.  In my defense, I have also killed some plants by over…

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I Get the Gospel by @MandyJHoffman

I “Get” the Gospel

I say that I “get” the gospel. Almost every day I purpose to learn more about how the gospel impacts today’s moments and not just my eternal destiny.  Intentionally, I seek out friends who “get” the gospel, too, and purposely have conversations with them about God’s glorious grace.  I invest in sound theological books on…

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Love In the Church by @MandyJHoffman

Love In the Church

On Sunday our Pastor asked us to read 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 in the context of the church. In other words – or least how I took his words – read the passage and ask yourself what it would look like to live this passage out within the context of your church family.  First of all,…

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A Stranger In My Own Home by @MandyJHoffman

A Stranger In My Own Home

Yawning, I pawed through my cosmetic travel bag trying to get my fingers on the tube of lip balm.  Finally, I spotted it at the bottom, hidden under the mascara.  Reaching for a washcloth to wash the make-up off my face, my hand hit empty space rather than the normal basket of caramel colored cloths….

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Blessing Of Boxes

Father, Use These Tears…

Tears. They sporadically roll down my cheeks just as crunchy autumn leaves aimlessly drop to the ground in random spurts.  It does not take much – just a light breeze of emotion – and they quietly trickle from the corners of my eyes. One moment they are wet drops of grief as I think about…

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Just A Cabinet by @MandyJHoffman

Just A Cabinet

It is a simple pine board cabinet finished with cherry stain and hinged doors that bear bouquets of hand painted wild flowers.  I bought it over eleven years ago, when as newlyweds, we lived in an apartment with such a small kitchen that I needed extra cupboard space.  For thirteen months she stood tall and…

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