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Baby Moses & Miriam

Picture a white Rubbermaid basket with 2 gray handles. It’s about 14 by 10 inches and maybe 12 inches deep. Now picture Abby & Micah…Micah in the basket & Abby pushing & tugging. Abby picked up Micah & put him in the basket. She gave him some toys and then began pulling him around the…

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It’s The Little Things

I went grocery shopping this morning and I took Emmy & Micah along. Not because I wanted to, but because since I am their mother I sort of have a responsibility to care for them 24/7. So off we went, in the rain, to make 3 different stops to complete our shopping for a 2…

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We’re Home!

It has been a long 18 months, but we are finally home. Ahhh…. I can breath a sigh of relief. On Saturday we moved into our new home that we bought in October and have been fixing up for the past 3 months. We are so grateful to many people for their help with working…

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