All Because of Twitter…

It all began over three years ago with a tweet that went something like this:

“Can’t wait for #BCTConf…it’s better than Christmas!”

Just a few weeks later I was sitting comfortably unnoticed between my husband and my mother when I got called out by a speaker and a tech guy looking to meet this crazy person who thought a week of intense learning was better than Christmas!  What was momentary embarrassment turned into casual conversation followed by tweet swapping for the remaining 51 weeks. 

This repeated itself for 2 years as a twitter friendship slowly became a real life friendship.  Last year we finally got to meet Donnie’s wife, Kim, when she graciously  accepted our invitation to stay overnight at our house as they passed through the area.  Then early this year, as we prepared to go to the Biblical Counseling Training Conference, Donnie and Kim kindly offered our little group their hospitality and the privilege of staying at their home for the week.  Then a month ago our family again stayed overnight at their place on our way through their town.  And this morning began with Donnie & Kim sitting at our breakfast table as they once again were passing through our stomping grounds.

Kim & Our Kids

We are starting to rack up the fun memories with this sweet couple.  Kim likes to harass serve Justin with breakfast on a silver tray and give our kids sugar before leaving so we get the hyper.  We love winding Donnie up by asking how his Ford is driving and hearing all their cool stories of living in Japan. 

All of this…all because of twitter.

A simple tweet led to an acquaintance that turned into a real life friendship.  We have been so blessed to get to know this lovely couple and enjoy fellowship with them – even if it makes for some late nights and early mornings.  That’s why they make coffee, right?!

There is a lot of negativity about social media these days.  And rightly so.  But before we boycott it or defriend all our friends…take another look.  Social media can be used for the glory of God. 

2013-06-20_14-02-41_351If I had never met Donnie via twitter I would have never met his wife, Kim.  And if we hadn’t gotten to know Donnie and Kim together they would have never offered to let us stay in their home for the conference.  And if they hadn’t graciously invited us to enjoy their home, my friend Katie wouldn’t have been able to afford going  to the conference this year.  And most importantly, we wouldn’t have this wonderful set of friends!  God can – and will! – use social media for His glory and our good.  It’s a simple little tool that has brought much friendship into our lives.  And the glory goes to Him!

* * *

How have you seen twitter deepen a friendship or bring new friends into your life?

If you have 3 to 5 minutes would you hop over here and take this survey for me?  I’m collecting date on social media for an upcoming workshop I will be teaching.  Thanks!  Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

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