30 Days to Understanding the Bible by Max Anders {Book Review}

30 Days to Understanding the BibleBook Five Stars30 Days to Understanding the Bible by Max Anders
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Quite honestly, I didn’t think I needed to read this book. I had already done some CE studies through Moody Bible Institute in both Old Testament and New Testament Survey. However, I decided to read this book so I could be familiar with it before recommending it to others. Despite my whole 30+ years of being in Sunday School, Sunday services, Youth Group, and doing independent studies, I learned a LOT from this book. I say all this to stress the fact that this book is appropriate for both the new Believer and the mature Believer – for the scholar and for the person who’s never in their life taken a class on anything Bible related.

As the title indicates it is divided into 30 chapters which average around 8 pages long yet are incredibly easy to read and quick to finish. You can do this study well in 15 minutes a day. It first gives through and intro and overview of the Old Testament, then likewise for the New Testament, followed by a simple, yet comprehensive, overview of the basic 10 doctrines that the Bible teaches. The book is stuffed full of charts and fill-in-the-blank self tests that encourage and aid you to learn long term and not just for the moment. This study uses pictures and the first letter of words along with charts to help you connect new facts and knowledge to what you already know and to your life. My favorite use of charts and pictures was with the comparison of Old Testament history to the history of the early years of the USA. It took something I was familiar with to help me learn something new.

This book can be read as a book or used as a study – either personal or in a group setting. As a group setting it’s meant to be covered in 13 lessons with 1 person leading and adding some personal teaching time to each session. The only down side to a group study using this book is that the person leading does need to invest probably about an hour a week or so in preparation as well as already have a base knowledge of this topic or at least familiarity with this book. I personally think it would make a fabulous discipleship tool to use in 1-on-1 settings. It also written to be flexible for a wide range of ages and would be appropriate for early early teens and on up – you’re never too old to learn!

All in all, I can’t recommend this book enough! It was fun, easy, yet engaging. I am excited to share it with someone or do a group study!

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