"Mommy, You Didn’t Give Me Enough!"

Abby is going to day camp this week. Her favorite parts are riding horses and swimming. Yesterday when I picked up her up I asked her what she got from the snack shack that day. She was very hesitant to answer. When I finally coaxed her to answer she shared that she had bought several lollipops, gummy fish, and a third item as well.

Mommy, are you upset at me?” She asked timidly.

No Abby. I’m not. I did not tell you how much you could or could not get each day.” I replied. Then I followed up talking to her about her choice to eat so much junk food and how she needs to make wise decisions. At the end of our short, yet profitable talk, I suggested that she buy a treat to bring home for each family member and she thought this was a grand idea.

Emmy placed her order for a lollipop. Together, the girls decided that gummy fish would be best for Micah. And Abby immediately thought PB Cups would be the best treat for Daddy. I gave her my consent to buy them today while the snack shack is open.

This morning I was getting ready and from the kitchen I hear a horrified shriek from Abby. “Mommy, I can’t buy everyone a treat…you didn’t give me enough money in the camp bank!

Abby,” I replied, “Would Mommy ask you to buy something but not give you enough money?”

No“, she responded. “But I didn’t see you give the camp person more money!”

Honey, Mommy has already taken care of it. All you need to do is go and do what I asked you to do.

And that was the moment that I learned a lesson. Just like the usual…as I’m teaching my kids, God is teaching me.

If you read through Ephesians you will see the incredible riches that we can have in Christ Jesus if we have a personal relationship with Him. But all too often we are like Abby and fret that we don’t have enough to do what God wants us to do. When God asks me to do something difficult I quickly think of a list of why I can’t. Because I’m too shy, because I don’t have this or that…but God says to me, “Mandy, all that you need to accomplish the task I have given you is available to you. You just need to go and do it.”

You know, we are not much different than our children. A little older and maybe a little more “refined”…but we struggle with the same things.

From the trenches of motherhood…where I’m off to do what God wants me to do even though I can’t see the money in the bank…

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2 Responses to "Mommy, You Didn’t Give Me Enough!"

  1. TinaJewel August 6, 2009 at #

    thanks so much for sharing this… just what i needed to hear today. i often feel like your daughter. i just can’t possibly do all the things God is asking of me, i need to remember He gives me the strength i need. and i can do anything through Him. hope your weekend is great!

  2. Tara August 6, 2009 at #

    We are constantly learning and being shaped. Thanks for sharing and I hope she’s enjoying herself.

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