Words Of Encouragement For Pastors & Wives

100_5321I do not often write from the view point of my role as Pastor’s wife.  Because of that I find it quite ironic that my most popular post is the one about praying for your pastor’s wife!  However, today I am typing from my seldom voiced viewpoint so that I can share with you a post that recently blessed me.


In the past 10 years of being wife to a pastor I have walked through some difficult moments and with each one I have had to learn how to think Biblically about the situation.  In applying Scripture to these personal attacks I have come to view it as suffering for Christ.  Several times I have shared this with dear friends who are also wives of pastors and they have kind of looked at my strange.  Here in our comfy USA we think of suffering for Christ as physical persecution.  But the Biblical truth is that it is more than that and Ed Welch eloquently put words to what I have clung to for so long. 

“Knowing this, your confidence in Scripture grows, and you can actually become bolder in the face of the adversity.” – Ed Welch

If you are a Pastor or wife of one, I urge you to click here and read this post.  I am confident it will renew your hope in the Lord.

And if you are not a pastor or wife to one, I encourage you to read this post, too, so that you can be aware of the reality of ministry and be a blessing to your Pastor.

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  1. kalynbrooke December 11, 2012 at #

    I truly see your heart here…thank you for being open about this. Its easy for others to view the pastor and his wife as only a position and not as people. Shame on us.

    • Mandy Hoffman December 12, 2012 at #

      Thanks Kalyn!  I appreciate your feedback.  It’s hard to know how to write post like this.

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