We’re Home!

It has been a long 18 months, but we are finally home. Ahhh…. I can breath a sigh of relief. On Saturday we moved into our new home that we bought in October and have been fixing up for the past 3 months. We are so grateful to many people for their help with working on the house, but we absolutely could not have done it without 2 men in paticular – Jack and Darren. Thanks to their families for the sacrifice they made with all the time spent at our house. (Thanks Brenda & girls for the hours and late nights.)

As I stood on the front porch Saturday morning and looked out into the front lawn and the driveway, the tears came to my eyes. There were LOTS of cars and LOTS of men pulling in and unloading cars, vans, trucks, and pick-ups full of things. It looked like an ant hill near a picnic table! I wouldn’t be able to list all the people who helped us through the past months. But know that each one is appreciated.

Living in about 600 square feet of space with a family of 5 has been an interesting experience. I’m glad for it…but I’m glad that chapter is closed and I can start a new one. I am excited about truly “homemaking” again. I really, really, really enjoying decorating, organizing, and daily maintaining a home for my family. I am eager to use this house for the glory of God. I pray that God will give us many years in this home…being a bright lite for Him in a small little valley of NY.

I will post pictures as soon as I get the place organized. You will really enjoy seeing the difference between the before and after shots. It’s truly amazing!

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