True Beauty by Carolyn Mahaney & Nicole Whitacre {A Book Review}

True BeautyTrue Beauty by Carolyn Mahaney

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The Overview

In a world where everyone has an opinion about what physical beauty is, the mother/daughter team of Carolyn Mahaney and Nicole Whitacre come together to share the Bible’s truth. It is hard to to find a book with a balanced perspective on this topic due to each of us having such different backgrounds and experiences. However, True Beauty is not about what we should or should not do, it is about how the Word of God should change they way we view beauty and therefore change how we live. This book is a warm conversation with two women about how we look, dress, and our definition of beauty through the lens of Scripture. It is filled with grace, not condemnation from the usual verses that are used to fill us with guilt.

True Beauty Book ReviewThe Readability

These 7 chapters are easy and enjoyable to read. Sometimes books on the topic of beauty can be hard to read because of the varied view points of the author and the reader. However, this isn’t full of the authors opinions but rather full of Biblical answers to our beauty issues. Carolyn and Nicole are gracious and loving in this book. While I felt convicted in certain areas, I did not feel like I was being judged, but rather loved and welcomed by those who also struggle in this sin cursed world. This lovely read is also full of stories that show us how the Biblical truth is applied without being legalistic.

The Highlights

Beside what I have already mentioned, I appreciated the simplicity of this book. The topic of beauty is usually quite complicated and broad – covering exercise, diet, weight, make-up, clothing, surgeries, and more. Instead, in True Beauty, we are presented with the gospel and how it can change us and our view of beauty. They address our heart motives not our functioning standards and allow the Holy Spirit to apply the truth, not their personal convictions. If you walk away convicted it is because of God work in your hearts, not because of Carolyn or Nicole’s personal opinions.

The Downside

From my view point there is no downside to this book. It greatly blessed and encouraged me.

The Recommendation

It is a book that I will encourage all women to read and one that I will refer to over and over as I teach my daughters about true beauty. True Beauty would be a good read for teens to older women who have already journeyed through much of life.

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