There’s A Crocodile In The Couch

image The other day the kids sat in a row on the couch here in the living room watching the old “Black Stallion” movie.  At one point it was a scene with a snake.  The girls sat with their hands over the faces – their heads buried on each other’s shoulders.  Micah, however, sat with rapt attention watching the creepy creature. 

That is until he noticed the girls cowering into the corner of the couch.  It was then that he realized they were afraid and his little 3.75-year-old brain hatched a crafty little joke.

He grinned his irresistible smile and casually said: “I put a snake in the back of the couch.

The desired reaction occurred as the girls both let out yelps of fear and scrambled off the couch.  He giggled and said, “I am just teasing you!

A few minutes passed by and they all sat quietly watching the movie when a sly look once again slipped across Micah’s face and he said, “I put a crocodile in the couch!”  Once again the girls leaped off the couch in a fit of screams.

Micah fell over in a heap on the couch laughing so hard at his own joke on the girls!  The girls ended up laughing in the end, but they didn’t find the humor in it that their brother did.

What boggles my mind is how quickly Micah has picked up on the whole joking and teasing thing.  All I can think is that the teen years around here could be pretty interesting!

To say the least!

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