The Call by David Nasser and Brent Crowe

imageimageTHE CALL by David Nasser
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Inspiring. Challenging. Interesting. Practical. Helpful. Informative.

The Call is split into two sections – the first being about God’s call on your life and the second is a series of interviews with well known Christians about God’s call in their lives. It is a very practical “how-to” book as well as very encouraging, inspiring, and full of great advice. It is easy to read and easy to understand and digest. Each chapter can stand alone, but the book flow well with an overall theme of knowing God’s call.

I appreciated this unique book and it’s intent on helping the reader know and understand God’s calling on their life. While I think it’s geared for teens and young adults, it’s a great read for any age and there is much wisdom to be gleaned at any stage of the journey. There is humor sprinkled around – especially in the interviews – that makes this book personable and real. The first half, which is more “hands-on”, is very simple yet very thought-provoking as you apply it to your life. I really enjoyed the second half as it was a window into the lives of so many whom minister to us as they shared wisdom from following the call of God in their lives.

This book is perfect for the 16 to 21 age bracket, but definitely beneficial for younger teens and older adults as well. I highly recommend this book to all teens – especially those wanting to know what God’s call is for their life.

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