The Book All Homemakers Need to Read: “Efficient Homemaking”

I’m a neat freak who is obsessed with having a tidy home.  I am also a time management junkie who is always looking for ways to make my time more efficient.  When you mix the two together it just makes sense that I would jump at the chance to read a book titled Efficient Homemaking.  And that my friend, is exactly what I did!

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Seven things I liked about Efficient Homemaking:

  1. It is short – making it an efficient use of my time.
  2. This book encourages you to talk to your husband and get his opinion on some of the housekeeping matters.
  3. It is unassuming.  Hannah doesn’t assume you have had some one in your life to teach you the basics of homemaking.
  4. This book makes you think outside the box of normal housekeeping rules.
  5. It is simple.
  6. It includes little tips that save big amounts of time.
  7. The tips are one-size-fits-all.  You do not have to buy expensive items are live a specific way to apply this book.

EH - Instagram ImageEfficient Homemaking is on sale this week for only $3.99…and when you purchase it, you will also get a FREE printable planner which will be emailed separately after the purchase.

As a seasoned homemaker who has read almost any book I could get my hands on, I too, learned a few extra tips through this book.  What I appreciated most is that it is filled with wisdom that anyone can practice regardless of what your life looks like.  This is not just for moms, but rather anyone and I highly recommend any woman read it.  However, I HIGHLY recommend this to the women who have never had anyone in their life show them and teach them the basics of caring for a home.  Efficient Homemaking helps you without making you feel overwhelmed.

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I received a free copy of this book for review purposes, but my opinion is purely my own thoughts.


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