Start! Bible for New Believers by Greg Laurie

START! The Bible for New Believersimage START! The Bible for New Believers by Greg Laurie
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Start! is a fantastic way to start the Christian life! I appreciate the work developed here to help new believers Live, Grow, Know, and Learn God’s Word. The New King James version is easy to read, the bright red cover is attention catching, and the introduction chapters so very helpful. It is a Bible without the stuffy feel of the traditional award Bibles given out to new believers and comes with the benefit little tidbits and helps which will aid greatly in their understanding and continued growth. Every person should have one on hand to give to someone they lead to Christ!

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Start! The Bible for New Believers, NKJV was developed to help those beginning a brand new life of faith to place their trust in Jesus Christ while refreshing the foundations of the faith for longtime believers. START! is designed to take the hand of a new believer, or perhaps a believer who does not know their way around the Bible as they ought to, and lead them through. All of the notes are written to be understandable, conversational, and friendly while never assume that the reader knows what all the words mean. Start! The Bible for New Believers focuses on basic discipleship with articles and devotions on subjects including prayer, Bible study, church involvement, sharing your faith, and discovering God’s will. Core biblical themes are introduced at basic levels of theological sophistication and presented in very simple language. Features include: · Grow entries, revealing key disciplines of the Christian life. · Know articles, exposing the core beliefs of Christians. · Live messages, focusing on various aspects of salvation. · Learn notes, providing mini-commentaries on key passages for spiritual growth. · Topical Index to articles and Scriptures · Secrets to Spiritual Success from the General Editor Greg Laurie – a crusading pastor and author who has impacted over four million people with the Gospel message, and seen well over 340,000 people come forward to make professions of faith in Christ.

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