Soul Food by John Beukema

imageSoul Food: God's Nourishment for the Real YouSoul Food: God’s Nourishment for the Real You by John Beukema
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Seven chapters about what feeds our soul written in clear, simple terms that are easy-to-read, but offer fulfilling food for thought. This book is another in the accumulating pile that point us all back to the cross, the grace of God, and the love of our Savior. It reminds me of books like The Cross Centered Life and Because He Loves Me, yet is easier to digest and less time consuming to read. It’s a fabulous book to read in learning about what living for Christ truly looks like in today’s culture and in learning more about the grace of God.

I appreciated not just the content of this book, but also the manner in which the author writes with openness and honesty as well as a sprinkling of humor. While it is an easy-to-apply read, the study questions at the end of each chapter make you probe deeper into your life and help the book’s message stay with you longer. It’s perfect for individual study or study within a small group.

It’s is another book that brings you back to the basic and simple message of truth found in the gospel and how it truly does nourish our souls. It easily qualifies as a “must-read” for any child of God and is a great companion to biblical counselors to use with counselees.

The only downside to this book as that for the time being it is only available on Amazon as a Kindle book. However, if you are reading this review you have access to internet and can download the free Kindle app for your computer and read it on your desktop or laptop, or use the Kindle apps for your phone!

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The author of this book just so happens to be my Uncle. However, my opinion was in no way affected by this relationship. If I had any reservations about this book I would not have published a review at all.

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