Resisting Gossip {A Book Review}

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Resisting Gossip {a book review} by @MandyJHoffmanThe Overview
I thought I had a fairly good handle on gossip. That is until I read this book. While I was convicted over and over again, I was also gently encouraged with the grace of God and the real life answers that the Bible has to offer for overcoming this sinful habit. While being a fabulous in-depth read on gossip, this book is also incredibly easy to read and a balanced meal of theology and practical application of that theology. It simply defines gossip in terms that will sober any reader, then quickly gives hope and help through the Word of God. The many examples make it easy to see your own weak areas and know how to change them. This is truly the most thorough and helpful read on the topic of gossip I have ever read.

The Readability

Many books that pack a good punch when it comes to biblical truth can also be slightly dry to read. This one is not one of those books. Mitchell is an engaging author that keeps the entire flow of this book on the main point. Each chapter fits neatly together with all the others and you do not feel like you’re reading a bunch of mini-books. It is also a fairly quick read that is so well presented that you do not have to work through this book, you can just enjoy the read. I was delighted to find that it is written in such a manner that a wide audience may read it and benefit greatly.

The Highlights

There are so many definitions of what gossip is that it can often times leave someone frustrated. This book goes right to the Bible to define, explain, and offer application in every-day ways. There are no promises, steps, or secret tips – it’s straight application of God’s Word that any reader can understand and apply.

The Recommendation

As you can already assume, I highly recommend this book. It’s applicable and readable for teens and adults, men and women, and anyone at any stage of life. While there is no bad time to read this book, I do think it would be particularly helpful to read this before the holiday season in preparation for all the conversations that come along with the festive gatherings.

This book is also set up to make one awesome Bible study curriculum with a companion study guide and free videos on Mitchell’s blog. For those who are familiar with Biblical Counseling, this is one of the best resources I have ever seen and I would recommend keeping several on hand for homework assignments. And all pastors should have this book in their library and pay special attention to the chapter called Cultivating a Gossip-resistant Church.


  • You can purchase your own copy of this book by clicking here.
  • Visit Matthew Mitchell’s blog here and see the free teaching videos.
  • Read an interview with Mitchell about the Bible study curriculum here.

4 Responses to Resisting Gossip {A Book Review}

  1. Natasha January 21, 2015 at #

    I want to read this! At times I feel I have a good handle on gossip and then the next minute I’m left wondering if I’m the worst gossip of all… *sigh* But this book sounds like an excellent resource to both reassure me and convict me where needed.

    • Mandy J. Hoffman January 21, 2015 at #

      I sympathize with those waffling feelings. This book was an encouragement to me and proof that I am growing, but there were the sections when it was convicting as well.

  2. Jessica White January 21, 2015 at #

    Gossip: Such an easy thing to get sucked into…thanks for the recommendation!

    • Mandy J. Hoffman January 21, 2015 at #

      Thank you, Jessica! I appreciate you taking the time to let me know! 😉

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