Ready To Win Over Worry and Anxiety

Ready to Win over Worry and Anxietyimage Ready to Win over Worry and Anxiety by Thelma Wells
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Ready To Win Over Worry and Anxiety is a book and Bible study all wrapped into one resource. While I suppose you could use this for a Bible study group, it’s meant for individual reading and study.

Thelma Wells addresses the topic of worry and anxiety in light of Scripture. This book is full of great encouragement, advice, and practical help for anyone – but mainly women – who are battling the sin of worry and anxiety. I found it to be highly interactive with all the questions, Bible verses to look up, and thoughts to respond to.

I am not sure I completely agree with all of Thelma’s thoughts on various spiritual concepts – such as cleaning out demons – but I do think this book is still a valuable resource for those needing to get a handle on their worry and anxiety.

In the last four chapters she share four realities with us to replace the lies we hold onto in our times of worry and I think she presents those Biblical truths in easy-to-understand ways.

I enjoyed her casual, friend-to-friend writing style and her personal experience and sharing through out this short, yet intensively probing book. If worry and anxiety are all too common in your life I would highly recommend this book to you.


Dynamic author and speaker Thelma Wells (Don’t Give In—God Wants You to Win!) shows people how to fight the discouraging, time-wasting problem of worry. Drawing on her trademark energy, her “tell it like it is” style, and her strong faith, she shows readers ways to beat anxiety in ever situation, including…

* potential or actual job loss
* family problems
* bill pile-ups
* sickness
* loved ones caught in sinful habits

Thelma scours the Bible and shares interactive questions and doable steps to help people implement God’s wisdom and principles. She covers…

* what worry is and why it’s so pervasive
* how worry affects physical, emotional, and spiritual health
* how to use faith to fight worry
* how to keep worry and anxiety from returning
* how to help others eliminate worry

Readers will discover the tools they need to live in freedom and peace.

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