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My list today is for women…or men who want to understand women! Share your favorites with me on twitter, facebook, or by leaving a comment on this post. And be sure to join me on January 15th when you can link-up your own post of favorite books!

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  • JUMP OFF THE HORMONE SWING by Lorraine Pintus – was one of those reads that I slipped in last summer…and boy am I glad!  It really helped me understand how God has created me to work and how I can handle the rough times each month in a biblical manner.
  • THE GOD EMPOWERED WIFE by KB Haught – I am sure not many of us think of our self as strong willed women…but I think more of us are than are not.  This book will help you understand how to use that strong will to glorify God rather than wreak havoc in your relationship with your husband.
  • FEMININE APPEAL by Carolyn Mahaney – Love this book and how it embraces being a woman as a wonderful thing…not drudgery.
  • WOMANLY DOMINION by Mark Chanski – This is a fabulous book about Biblical womanhood and written by a guy!  No, don’t let that keep you from reading it…he comes to the table with a humble heart and a good understanding of Scripture.

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Now, what are your favorite books for women?

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