Quiet Confidence for a Woman’s Heart by Elizabeth George {Book Review}

Quiet Confidence for a Woman's Heart by Elizabeth GeorgeBook Four StarsQuiet Confidence for a Woman’s Heart by Elizabeth George
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Quiet Confidence for a Woman’s Heart is a great personal Bible study of Psalm 23 divided into 12 chapters. It also includes a study guide that is interactive – leading you to not just read about but internalize the lessons. I have always enjoyed Elizabeth’s straight-forward and Biblically sound teaching found in her various books, however, this book I wasn’t able to finish. While the content was great, it was quite broad, covering both Psalm 23 and names of God. It seemed a little disjointed at times as it tried to weave several elements together to make one lesson. Again, it was great stuff, but just too busy for my one focused mind. I have also found that some books just click with you and then some do not. Sometimes you can pick up a book a few months later and be totally enthralled with it. Apparently for me, this was the case in this book. I recommend it for it’s content, but recognize it may be a slightly different in style.

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