Questions to Ask Before Posting on Social Media

Join me as I talk about social media over on the Gospel Marinated Life podcast today!

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Have you ever posted something on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook…you name the platform…and then regretted your choice?
Maybe it was just because you had time to think about what you said and slowly your mind nagged you that it wasn’t so wise.  Perhaps someone responded negatively and you feel frustrated that what you shared was taken out of context and  misunderstood. Or possibly you got no response at all which leaves you feeling awkward and wondering why.
Questions To Ask Before Posting On Social Media
No matter what situation you find yourself in, here are some questions to ask yourself BEFORE you hit the “post” button:
  1. Is what I am posting true and not false information or an exaggeration?
  2. Is what I am posting honoring to God?
  3. Is my post something that Jesus would post?
  4. Dos my post try to make myself look good rather than God?
  5. Is my post from the overflow of a heart filled with love and gratitude for God?
  6. Is my post grounded by faith in Jesus Christ?
  7. Does my post cause others to be fearful or does it fill them with courage and encourage their faith in God?
  8. Will my post bring God glory?
These questions are not a set of rules for you.  If you post using these as guidelines it does not make you a better or a more spiritual user of social media.  Only by confessing your sin to God and accepting His gift of salvation through Christ’s perfect life and His death in your place can you have a perfect record.  Rather, these questions are meant to help us stop posting hastily or as a reaction, and instead post from a mind that is focused on God and His gift of mercy and grace to those who accept His Son, Jesus Christ, as their Savior.
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