Practicing Hospitality {Book Review}

Book Five StarsPracticing Hospitality: The Joy of Serving Others by Lisa Tatlock
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What is hospitality? Why should I be hospitable? Who should I invite over? How should I practice hospitality when I…{insert reason}? What does the Bible say about hospitality?

If those are any of your questions – or you have yet other questions – this book will answer them all. Pat and Lisa have written a thorough volume from a Biblical foundation that I dare say will answer all your questions, hesitancy, fears, and more! In this book they have taken the vague idea of hospitality and made it simple by addressing the why, who, when, how, what, and where of practicing hospitality. However, these ladies don’t stop there! They don’t just tell you how to do it, but through out the 248 pages of this book they show you how to do it and equip you to become a woman of hospitality with practical tips and ideas.

I really enjoyed this book because it taught me, as the subtitle says “The Joy of Serving Others”. While it armed me with a great amount of tools to better host and make impromptu hospitality easier, it continued to direct me back to the heart of hospitality and to what my motives in hospitality should be. I learned that hospitality is not just something I do but is a character trait, how to put my family first, that my home is the starting place for my ministry, and how to not miss the people for the plan. And that is just listing a few things of the many that challenged my heart.

Practicing Hospitality may be just a bit deep at times or slightly wordy to wade through, it is a fabulously enjoyable read loaded with Biblical truth and the connecting application. I would recommend it to any woman – young to old. This would make a wonderful Bible study or curriculum for a class setting or for use in home-school.

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