Polishing God’s Monument Built 13 Years Ago

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Polishing God's Monuments In My Life @MandyJHoffmanNovember 7th.

It is a date forever engraved into my memory.

Into my soul.

It is a day when God began to build a monument in my life to His incomprehensible greatness.

I first learned of the idea of polishing God’s monuments when I read this book by Jim Andrews.  Since then, I have begun polishing God’s monuments in my own life.  All it means is that you look back at what God has done in your life and you “polish” that moment by praising Him for what He has done.  It is reflecting on God’s goodness and once again thanking Him.

Thirteen years ago today God ordained for me to be in a head-on collision that hurt me physically and worse yet, hurt me emotionally.  It began my free fall into a dark pit of fear and anxiety that lasted for months before God – in His grace of Biblical counseling – stopped the falling and began the journey of healing and changing.

This past spring I read a booklet on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and realized that it was describing me.  However, my soul began to rejoice because as I read, I also realized that it was describing the old me…the me that God had loved, tenderly held, and gently healed.  I have moments when I battle extreme fear, but it no longer holds me captive with its cold and life sucking grasp.  Instead I write today celebrating – joyfully polishing – God’s work in my life!

He is good!  He is amazing!  He is awesome!  He is indescribable!

* * *

Are you in a tough spot right now?  Are you hurting?  Search Youtube for the song “Sovereign” by Chris Tomlin.  When I first heard this song it felt like He had written it just for me.  I pray that it will bring joy to your heart today just as it has refreshed mine.

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  1. Natasha Metzler November 8, 2013 at #

    Oh, Mandy. What a beautiful testimony. God is so good, is He not?

    • Mandy Hoffman November 11, 2013 at #

      Yes, He is! I’m so glad to have friends like you with whom I can celebrate His goodness.

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