No More Whine by Ginger Plowman {Book Review}

No More Whining: Three Easy Steps To Whine-Free Living4beanstyle2No More Whining: Three Easy Steps To Whine-Free Living by Ginger Plowman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Overview

In this little booklet you will learn three easy steps for whine-free living with your children. It’s barely 7 pages long and will take 15 minutes or less to read. {Which should be the first step to whine-free living for the none-readers!} The beauty of this book is that it takes a common parenting frustration and gets right to the heart of it followed by easy-to-follow and practical solutions.

The Readability

Uhm….so readable you could do it during a bathroom break!

The Highlights

Gets right to the point, gives the practical how-to, and then lets you get back to life.

The Downside

I wish there were a few more scenarios included, but that’s just me wanting Ginger to hold my hand through the process!

The Recommendation

A great little resource for parents of young kids, but could be used for older children (8 to 12) at times, too. I highly recommend the kit because while it’s a little pricey, it’s worth having the timer watch and the kids book. Hey, who isn’t willing to pay $15 for less whine in their life?!

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