Natural Cleaning Recipes by Becki Andrus {Book Review}

Today I am talking about a short little ebook I just read and because I liked it so much I’m including a link to it at the bottom of this post.  Just so you know, it’s an affiliate link…but I wouldn’t include the link unless I think it’s pretty great.  Which it is!  So if you decided to click through my link and buy the book I will get a few pennies from the sale and will both benefit!

Natural Cleaning Recipes4beanstyle2Natural Cleaning Recipes Essential Oils Recipes to Safely Clean Your by Becki Andrus
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I have been pursuing homemade cleaning recipes because I want to shave a few dollars off the weekly grocery budget. Imagine my delight when I read this book by Becki Andrus who teaches you can save money AND clean with products that are both safer and healthier for your home and family! When every penny spent is a big deal it is wonderful to find such a great compilation of natural and inexpensive cleaning recipes. This book will take you 30 minutes or less to read through and then you can just go back and whip up whatever recipes you want to try after buying a few items for a lower amount of money than the conventional cleaning products.

What makes this book worth buying? First because it’s got all the recipes in one spot – no time consuming searches on pinterest. Second of all, I have been using recipes I did find on pinterest which are saving me money, but are not as healthy as I had thought. This book will quickly help you understand how to begin to harness the power of essential oils to clean safely and enjoyably. And thirdly, I feel that this book gets you cheap and healthy AND easy recipes all at the same time. I want to make my own products, but quite honestly I want to do it quickly and easy…not take a lot of time. Becki gives you those recipes.

I am really excited to grab a few essential oils and one or two other products I don’t have on hand and begin to create my own cleaning products that will make my home safe and keep our costs down!


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