Monitoring Motherhood & Cobwebs

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Monitoring Motherhood & Cobwebs by @MandyJHoffman


Usually that word conjures up mental images of an old barn or an abandoned house.  My minds eye visualizes back room corners strung with dusty white spider silk or rough barn beams embroidered with sticky doilies.

But not today.

Not this week.

Not this summer.

Instead I think of my dust cloth, vacuum extension hose, and the most recent spider construction in our home.  I don’t know all the facts and theories {I have my own!} on why, but the spiders seem to be out in record numbers this year.  Despite my regular and thorough cleaning of our entire house every Monday, by mid week I’m knocking down yet more designs spun in our nooks, crannies, and even in our wide open spaces.

I have even begun to find them laced around my perspective on motherhood.

As I am working my way through The Mission of Motherhood: Touching Your Child’s Heart for Eternity by Sally Clarkson, I am finding out just how many cobwebs are hanging prosperously in the “home” of my role as mother.  Despite my firm foundation of sound Bible doctrine and my sturdy framework of Biblical thinking I have forgotten to monitor the process of building my “home”.

“If we want to be wise mothers, we must recognize our need to commit to what we’re doing.  We need to plan for building our house, and we need to keep monitoring our progress to ensure we’re not tearing down what we mean to build.” – Sally Clarkson in The Mission of Motherhood: Touching Your Child’s Heart for Eternity {page 53 or kindle location 1073} {Emphasis added}

I realized that I have become lazy in monitoring my progress and in doing so have allowed cobwebs to form – and cobwebs are only a few short steps away from tearing down.  As I clean our home today I am also cleaning the cobwebs from perspective on motherhood and through God’s grace will exile those spiders back to the barns and abandoned houses.

* * *

Let’s Chat!  Do you struggle with keeping your motherhood focus on Christ?


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