Mandy Is Moving

For those who follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest you may already know that we are moving.  If you don’t…well now you know.  The timetable for said move is still being worked out, but most likely we’ve got a about 6 weeks until we pull out of town.

Wow.  Just typing that out freaks me out!  So much to do…so little time!  But that is life and my overall goal through this entire transition is to glorify God by living in TODAY – not tomorrow or next month.  I am trying to be a wise steward of my time and organize the packing so it is as stress free as it possibly can be AND is actually {gasp} enjoyable for the entire family.

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For my friends who keep asking what I’m doing to make that happen, here is a peek at my mental to-do list:

  • Finish all Christmas preps (keeping things super simple around here)
  • Create a Pinterest board full of tips and tricks to help me organize and simplify (which I have found several that are so helpful!)
  • Break down Micah’s room to become our holding tank for all boxes
  • Pack up all non-essential items and color code boxes
  • Collect boxes & plastic grocery bags to use as packing fluff (thanks to all my “Box Fairies” thus far!)
  • Make cookies as time allows to use for moving helpers
  • Use up random food products I tend to hold onto for that “someday I’ll need this”
  • Take lots of pictures to record all the moments – sad, happy, amazing, hard, hopefilled
  • Attempt to get many sleepovers and playdates in as possible for my 3 kids who are leaving behind amazing friends
  • Try to find a place to rent in our new town (we have a buyer for our house but no home to move to…yet…)
  • Enjoy the moments on this amazing journey God is taking us on…the story of it all will follow *soon*  (whatever “soon” means right now!)

That is my list, but I would LOVE to know what your list would be!  Please, please, PLEASE share your thoughts and tips on moving with me!  I really enjoy gleaning the wisdom from others.  This is our 5th move in our 11 years of marriage, but I want to make it the best one yet!  I know many of you have even more experience than I do…so share away!  You can comment on this post or share your thoughts with me on Facebook, Tweet me using the #MandyIsMoving hashtag, chat with me on Instagram, or tag me on Pinterest when you find a helpful pin!

I am so thankful for technology making it possible to move and still connect with all my friends!  {group hug}


5 Responses to Mandy Is Moving

  1. kalynbrooke December 20, 2013 at #

    I just kept making to do lists……to do a week before the move, to do the day before, the day of. It really helped me stay sane!

  2. Jess White December 20, 2013 at #

    No advice: I’ve never moved. Even when we got married, we had bought a house, after the wedding, moved a few boxes of things and clothes in, and had to buy everything else or take it out of storage. It certainly wasn’t pack everything up and drive.

    Praying that it all goes smoothly for you guys!

    • Mandy Hoffman December 20, 2013 at #

      I have to admit, Jess, that I’m a bit jealous. I always kind of thought we would live in one place our whole life. However, each one of us gets different adventures in life. I can’t imagine having triplets! 😉

  3. Becky Daye December 19, 2013 at #

    Praying for you friend! Can you tell us where you are headed to?
    One of the things that was helpful with the kids was to keep crayons out and let them decorate their boxes. It gave them something to do in the midst of the craziness. All the best!!!

    • Mandy Hoffman December 20, 2013 at #

      We are headed to the wonderful state of PA. Love the crayon idea! My Emmy is helping me label the boxes, but she would love to add some art!

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