Life, Death, & Food

2011-10-31_09-26-47_468Because of what my dear friend Heather Hobbes Burrill is going through right now as she suffers a cancerous brain tumor, my almost 5-year-old, Micah, has been asking a lot of questions about life and death.

Today he looked up at me from where he sat on the floor playing with a tractor and wagon and asked me: “Mama, is Heather in Heaven yet?”

No Micah, not yet.  God still wants her with her family.”

When she dies will she go to Heaven?”

Yes, she will go to Heaven to be with God.”

But won’t they bury her in the ground?”

Yes, Micah.  They will bury her body, but her soul will go to Heaven to be with Jesus because she has accepted Jesus as her Savior.

He pauses to think about this and I anticipate him asking me what a “soul” is.  But his next question reminded me of the reality that he IS after all a little boy!

Mama, will she get a new belly in Heaven?”

Yes, even in life and death issues  little boys operate on a timetable that revolves around food!

While my heart is heavy for Heather and her family, my soul rejoices over the many everyday talks taking place in my home – and I’m sure in many other homes – about life and death due to this agonizing trial Heather is going through.  I daily beg God for a miracle in her life, but no matter what He decides, I am confident that there will be new life born – physically or spiritually.

Today, as you think of the name Heather, please lift her up in prayer.

Begging God for life…


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