Jesus Calling–Teen Edition by Sarah Young {Book Review}

5beanstyle2Jesus Calling: Enjoy Peace in His PresenceJesus Calling: Enjoy Peace in His Presence by Sarah Young
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The Overview

This edition of Jesus Calling is a year’s worth of daily devotions for the teen years. Each day there is a small reading which is written as if it’s a direct message from Jesus Himself. Then there is a Scripture written out and one to be looked up in his/her own Bible for further reading.

These daily readings are not “light and fluffy”, but rather solid truth that will encourage their young hearts to rest in the unending love of God. It is a great way to invest $15 that will teach and encourage your teen.

The Readability

It is a perfect blend of “short” and “deep” to make this a solid, yet easy-to-read devotional for teens and perhaps some tweens. It presents sound theology in a way that connects to the teens daily life.

The Highlights

The biggest highlight is that it’s built on the solid foundation of God’s Word and how it applies to a child’s daily life. There are no cute little stories, but truth after truth to remind their minds of who God really is and what He has promised to those who believe on His Son for salvation.

The Downside

I really don’t see a downside in this book.

The Recommendation

I highly recommend this book to parents, grandparents, or any adult looking for a Bible based devotional that takes the teens deeper than just another “example story”. While it is meant for teens, some tweens (10-12) may enjoy this, too.

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