Intentional Parenting {A Book Review}

Intentional Parenting: Family Discipleship by DesignIntentional Parenting: Family Discipleship by Design by Tad Thompson

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The Overview

The word “intentional” has become so overused as of late that I was a bit skeptical of this book despite trusting the publisher. However, Tad Thompson uses the word in the appropriate context and not to just draw attention to his book. The main point of this book is that discipleship within the family is not another program, but rather a mindset of being intentional with your parenting. It is one of the most theological, yet incredibly practical books on parenting that I have ever read.

Intentional Parenting {A Book Review}The Readability

At 105 pages, this powerful little books is easy to read. It’s well laid out and organized so it is not only a short read, but very easy to understand, too. Just a few discussion questions at the end of each chapter help make it easy to use for small groups, husbands and wives, or individual use.

The Highlights

My biggest highlight is that Thompson takes a somewhat daunting task and breaks it down into sections that are easy to grasp and then apply. He is direct, and to the point with the theological foundation, yet wonderfully practical. I am walking away from this book understanding WHY I should be intentional with my parenting as well as knowing HOW to do so. While Intentional Parenting applies grace to the task, it also doesn’t water it down to the point that we have no responsibility to stop being lazy and get busy doing what we say we believe. I have to admit I was a bit surprised by the challenge issued by Thompson, but so very refreshed and convicted by it as well.

The Downside

None. Not one. Nothing.

The Recommendation

This book as made it to the top of my list in the “Parenting” category and I’m going to urge every parent I know – and don’t know! – to read this book. If you are wondering how you should teach your kids, what discipling your children looks like, and how to apply gospel grace to your parenting, this is your book to read. Enjoy!

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