If God Should Choose: The Authorized Story of Jim and Roni Bower {Book Review}

If God Should Choose by Kristen StaggBook Four StarsIf God Should Choose: The Authorized Story of Jim and Roni Bowers by Kristen Stagg
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Overview:

The lives of missionaries – Jim and Roni Bowers – are chronicled here in If God Should Choose along with the two young lives of their children. It’s part biography and part play-by-play account of the hours before, during, and after their plane was shot down. It’s a testimony to God’s sovereignty and how He uses our lives in amazing ways.

The Readability:

The 201 pages of this book go by fairly quickly as the story captivates the reader. It recounts their lives in an uncommon way as each chapter begins with an almost hourly retelling of April 19th through the 21st and then reverts to the years gone by – going back and forth between present and past. While it’s slightly harder to remember what’s happening, this method does keep the reader’s attention hostage to the story and it does prevent you from becoming bored with the background details that really are important for appreciating God’s grace in their lives.

The Highlights:

For me the biggest highlight of this book was the feeling of connection as the Bowers and I share mutual friends. As I read, I was able to remember various events and stories from a different angle. A highlight for anyone is the understanding of the event. Many of us remember it’s basic outline from what we saw on the national news, but reading it from a personal viewpoint brings the story to our own level. And “watching” their testimony unfold through white pages and black ink is heart-wrenching and encouraging at the same time. Reading this stirs up a desire to live with as much passion as the Bowers did.

The Downside:

The only downside is, as I mentioned above, it can be hard to keep track of what’s happening when you’re bouncing back in forth on the timeline. But really, it’s a very small downside and not worth keeping you from this amazing testimony of God’s mercy.

The Recommendation:

I highly recommend this book to all readers – all ages. The story is not as graphic as I thought it might be and so I would not have any trouble reading it to my elementary age children. It would be a great challenge for young and old and a wonderful current-day missionary story to share with the whole family.

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