Moving Tips: How YOU Can Help Your Friends Move

How You Can Help Your Friends Move by @MandyJHoffmanDo you know someone who is moving?  Then this post is for YOU – the person who is not moving.

I have lost count of the times I have been the “not moving person” and have pondered as to what I could do that would really help my friend.  Of course helping them pack boxes or load up the truck always come to mind, but it was not always possible for me to do that.  Next on my list would be things that I felt were small and insignificant and I would wrestle with thoughts of what my moving friend would think of my silly gift.  However, now that I’m the “friend that is moving”, I have been so grateful for some friends who have chosen to do some “small” things that really have been BIG blessings to us.  I have also made a mental list of all the things I wish someone would do for me so I have a full list of ways to reach out the next time I’m the “friend who is not moving”.  I hope this list helps you to help your friends move…

How To Help Your Friends Move…

  • Help them pack.  Do not just mention that you would be willing to come help them, that makes it awkward for them and adds more stress to an already stressful time.  Instead, send them a text with 3 or 4 times slots you are available to come over and help them pack and then ask them to tell you which time works best for them.  Then go help!
  • Help them load the truck.  For those who are moving themselves, they will need help loading up the truck.  Again, do not give a blanket offer of help, but rather tell them that you will come help and ask them what time you should be there.  While you’re at it, why not ask if you can bring drinks or snacks to share?
  • Fix food for the “movers”.  Maybe you can’t lift heavy boxes but you can lift a heavy burden off your friend by fixing some food for those who are lugging boxes.  You can buy pizza and bring it to them or you could whip up a plate piled with various sandwiches.  There is lots of room for creativity and it provides great relief for your moving friend.
  • Make them some meals.  Another great way to bless your friend is by doing double duty while you are fixing your own dinner.  Double the recipe and put it in a foil pan so your friend does not worry about getting it back to you.  If you, like me, feel guilty for only providing a main dish and not the whole meal…STOP!  Your friend probably has all kinds of odds and ends in the cupboard or freezer that they can add to that main dish.  You taking the time to make a main dish and bring it to them ready to pop in the fridge till they need it, is a huge blessing.  Maybe you can whip up several to drop off at once and your friend can use them at their convenience.
  • Have them over for dinner.  Call up your friend and give them several dates to choose from to come over to your place for dinner.  This gift means they do not have to think about any of the meal time details and gives them a few moments away from the packing chaos.
  • Take them flowers.  One thing I have missed during this time of packing is the beauty of fresh flowers.  Every few weeks I usually buy a cheap bouquet of flowers to brighten my home.  However, at this point my vases are packed and I am trying to save every penny that is not necessary.  Taking your friend a simple handful of flowers might be the little bright spot they need.  Use a canning jar or re-purpose a tin can for a vase they won’t have to return.
  • Bake them cookies.  In the midst of all that is going on baking cookies is something that does not have to be done and so therefore easily gets scratched from the to-do list.  Taking your friend a plate of cookies – especially if they have kids – might be exactly what makes them smile and make them feel loved through the simple, but thoughtful act.
  • Give them packing supplies.  Many times I have struggled with feeling like a small gift is cheesy.  However, for $10 you can buy your friend a glass packing kit.  You may think it’s rather “small” but it feels huge to your friend who is doing their best to move on a frugal budget.  You can go to your local Uhaul store and purchase a variety of packing supplies for $10 and under.
  • Pick-up boxes for them.  So maybe your own budget is tight and you can’t buy them boxes.  Instead of purchasing boxes, pick-up free boxes for them when you’re out running errands and then deliver them to their door.  A great place to find quality boxes is your local bookstore.  I know this thanks to a sweet friend!
  • Give them a date night.  For those friends with kids, offer to babysit their kids while they go out for the night.  The process of moving is so detailed and deadline oriented that a few hours for the couple to reconnect is refreshing for them.  If you can afford to do so, give them a gift card to a restaurant, too!  (But if you can’t, do not feel bad…the free babysitting is a blessing alone!)
  • Do things with the kids.  Also for friends with children, offer to take the kids for a few hours.  Keep them at hour house and play games or take them out for dollar sundaes at McDonald’s while Mom and Dad pack.  This can be a huge stress relief for the kids and parents.
  • Give them gift cards.  Perhaps you can’t offer the gift of time but can afford to purchase something that will help their time crunch.  Gift cards to restaurants or grocery stores would bless them.  Trust me!
  • Give them a box of paper goods.  Stop at your local discount store and put together a box of inexpensive paper goods like plates, cups, napkins, and plastic silverware.  This makes their last few weeks or days in this house a whole lot easier and the real dishes can be packed sooner!
  • Take their unwanted stuff.  Most likely they have a box or two of stuff that needs to be taken to Goodwill or perishable food that they can’t take with them.  Offer to take the unwanted items with you and either keep it or drop it off where it needs to go.  It is something small and easy for your to do, but a huge help to your friends.  (Reader Tip!)

Now I want to hear YOUR ideas!  Talk with me on Facebook or Twitter to share what YOU would add to this list!


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