I grew up with many friends. 

But God gave me three special friends who were like sisters to me.


Heather, Ashleigh, Hillari, & Me.

We are stair steps.  I’m the oldest, Ash is a year younger than I, her real sister Heather is a year younger, and then Hillari is a year younger than her.

While only Ashleigh and Heather are truly sisters, we are all tied together by the strings of our hearts.  So this morning while quickly checking facebook, my world stopped as I saw a post from Heather’s husband saying she was in the ER with a tennis-ball sized tumor on her right brain.

My heart dropped and the tears began to flow. 

Heather.  Sweet Heather who is loyal, patient, and kind.  Her husband is a Pastor and she has two little boys – two year old Judah and baby Levi.

I closed my eyes and burst into the Throne Room of God. 

I know You are sovereign and this has not caught you by surprise.  God, if it be Your will please – PLEASE! – heal Heather.  But through it all, and no matter what, help us give You, Oh God, the glory.  Comfort Heather.  Strengthen Kevin.  Hug those little boys.

At my high school graduation these dear sisters sang a song with me, and this morning the words of this song came back as Hillari and I prayed together on the phone…

Praying for you, Heather. 


And PRAISING God for you, dear Sister!

* * *

Would you take a moment and pray for Heather, too?

From the knees of my heart where I’ll be kneeled in prayer all day…praising God for His grace even in moments like these…


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  1. Amy Sullivan November 17, 2011 at #

    Clicked over from Jennifer’s.

    Praying for your friend, her family, the doctors, and you.

  2. Jenifer November 17, 2011 at #

    I have added Heather to my prayer list.

    It is wonderful that God has given you such close and precious friends.

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