Heart of the Matter by CCEF {Book Review}

Heart of the Matter by CCEFHeart of the Matter: Daily Reflections for Changing Hearts and Lives by CCEF
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The Overview

This is a year’s worth of daily reflections for changing hearts and lives neatly bound together in a small devotional book. From January 1st through December 31st, each day has one short reflection to read which is based off a scripture passage for you to look up and read in your own Bible. It’s a compilation of short challenges from various well-known authors like Ed Welch, David Powlison, Paul David Tripp, Timothy S Lane, and others. In the back of the book you can reference things based on Scripture passage or find out what book each day’s selection came from if you would like to dig deeper.

The Readability

Heart Of The Matter is one of the best devotionals I have seen. It is very easy to read but contains great depth and “meat” to chew on through out your day. It’s written in a way that a teen or adult can learn and grow from using.

The Highlights

My favorite aspect of this devotional is that the scripture passage is listed and you have to open up your own Bible to read it. While this may seem like a downside because it’s not as quick or possibly as easy to use, I think it’s a great feature because it gets you away from complete dependence on a book and into your own copy of the Word of God. Also the change up of authors each day keeps it interesting and fresh.

The Downside

I personally don’t see a downside in this. It is short – but one needs to keep in mind that it’s meant as a devotional, not a Bible study.

The Recommendation

This is my current favorite devotional. I’m not a big fan of devotionals because they usually keep you from actually digging into your own Bible. This one, as mentioned above, makes you open your own Bible and gets to the heart of the matter each day. It’s not a “feel good about yourself” book, it’s a “let’s dig into the truth of God’s Word” kind of resource that is made for small daily doses. It would work great for a year’s worth of daily quiet time or a supplement book for an afternoon pick-me-up or a short evening wind-down. It’s a great tool for teen or adult looking to spend time daily with their Savior.

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This books was provided for review courtesy of New Growth Press and the opinion expressed is strictly my own.

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