Girl Talk by Carolyn Mahaney & Nicole Whitacre

Girl Talk: Mother-Daughter Conversations on Biblical WomanhoodimageGirl Talk: Mother-Daughter Conversations on Biblical Womanhood by Carolyn Mahaney
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It’s got a bright pink cover and fun graphics…it’s a book that’s irresistibly cute! But more important, it’s packed full of Biblical counsel for Mothers and Daughters. It’s a “must read” for any Mother-of-a-Daughter(s), and of course any Daughter, too.

The whole idea of this book is about Moms teaching and passing down Biblical womanhood to our daughters. While intended to be read by both Mothers and their Daughters as a joint read – either at the same time or one at at time and then come together to chat about it – it still is a great read for just a mom or just a daughter. I was encouraged, convicted, and challenged by reading this book and I didn’t read it with my mom or with my daughters. (They are still too young for this book.)

I personally enjoyed Carolyn’s warm approach and kindness throughout the book. It was fun to read about her failures and success as a mother and to be encouraged by her example. The book as a whole is Biblically sound, uplifting, and offers a lot of practical application. This book is not just another lofty story of a “super-mom” and an “extraordinary daughter” making you feel like a failure – it’s truly a help and encouragement to both Mothers and Daughters.

Here are 25 things that I stood out to me as I read this book:
-It’s a privilege to pass on Biblical womanhood.
-God has ordained for me to have the mother and daughters I have.
-I want to be the “front cover” mom in my daughter’s lives.
-Teens take just as much time as toddlers.
-What do I want so much that it causes conflict?
-Trust God.
-I am an example…but of what?
-There is power in a mother’s love.
-Discipline is so much more than punishment.
-Honor my mother…even as an adult.
-I need to teach my daughters about the blessing of obedience, not just about obedience.
-Biblical womanhood is best learned early.
-Revel in your female design.
-Fear of God is good.
-Am I best friend material?
-Be easy to talk to about purity and sex.
-Pursue an extreme heart makeover.
-Am I an example of modesty?
-I need to exemplify being a homemaker.
-Consider my daughters to be my homemaking interns.
-How am I training my daughters to serve?
-Counsel my daughters through courtship.
-Point my daughter to her husband.
-Pass on Biblical womanhood.

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