Getting To The Heart Of Friendship by Amy Baker {Book Review}

Getting to the Heart of FriendshipsBook Five StarsGetting to the Heart of Friendships by Amy Baker
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Most women I know crave friendships. I am one of them. But often times we struggle with friendships. Ironic, right? We want them, but we struggle with them.

Amy Baker has written this beautiful book – from cover to last page – that uncovers the heart of friendships and what makes them work or not work. She works systematically through 7 orientations that affect our friendships and how to take the wrong orientations and replace them with genuine, Biblical friendship.

At first I wasn’t sure if this book would apply to me. I mean only 7 orientations? Surely there is more than that right? Well, instead of not finding myself in this book…I found that EACH chapter was like another slap to the face. I was on every page of this book. <—(Click to tweet this.) While not every last thing was a struggle of mine, most of it was and I was able to understand the issues from a biblical perspective rather than just human philosophy. I personally enjoyed Amy’s somewhat casual writing and vibrant examples that brought to life the principles she shares.

This book is an indepth look into the heart of friendships among women…specifically Christian women…but the Biblical foundation can apply to either gender. I highly recommend this book to any women and think it will be a great help to not just personal relationships, but also to teaching those you work with in ministry functions and your own children. Getting to the Heart of Friendships is not set up to be a Bible study, but with a little work on your part it could be one as well as make a great book for a book club. (Which is how I read it! *giggle*)

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