Feeding Your Soul

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feeding-your-soulSkipping Meals

Life is full.  We each have lengthy to-do lists.  Probably most of us have more than one!  When the day is busy I tend to skip lunch in order to check-off more items from my own list.  Or if I wake up late, I will skip breakfast and head straight to the list.  While skipping a meal here and there won’t hurt me, skipping a spiritual meal does.

Sadly, when I feel pressure to attack my to-list(s), it’s not only breakfast or lunch that gets skipped, but also my time feeding my soul.  I give in to the temptation to “just get the list done and then you can eat”.  But I never end up sitting down to feed my soul.

In these seasons when I battle the temptation to make productivity priority over my relationship with God, I need some help getting back on track.  Some times the help is a friend checking in with me on a daily basis to see if I’ve spent time feeding my soul.  Other times it’s mixing up my current Bible reading plan with a different plan.  And then sometimes the help is in the form of a mini-study that wets my appetite for deeper study.  There are a lot of options, but here are 6 of my favorites:

6 Resources to Snack On:

  1. REFRESH – this is a 14-day email study by 9 different authors.  This daily devotional will refresh you in the Word of God and His glorious gospel.
  2. Family Worship 101 – is a 5-day email course Donald Whitney will teach you 3 daily principles for family worship.
  3. Cultivating Habits of Grace – is my favorite of all of these!  In this 5-day email course, David Mathis will walk you through the very basics of how grace meets our spiritual disciplines.
  4. Praying the Bible – is my second favorite.  Another 5-day email from Donald Whitney, this one will feed your desire and ability to pray.
  5. Studying Hebrews – this 14-day study will walk you through a challenging book with ease.  Sometimes conquering something hard is just what we need to energize us.
  6. Women’s Devotional Bible – is the longest at 30-days.  Each day you will receive an email devotional that walks you through Old Testament passages.

Go Eat!

While the above list are some super helpful aids in feeding our souls, they truly are just snacks.  They are a tool to help you.  They are a grace of encouragement in a hard season.  So stop what you’re doing, and go eat!  The lists will wait.  Go feed your soul the amazing and fulfilling gospel!

More Resources:

The studies above coordinate with some good reads.  Following are the links for those books.

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