Dumb Mommy Questions

We’ve all heard, and we’ve all laughed at, the dumb things that we Moms sometimes say to our kids. Like the classic, “If you cut your legs off with that, don’t come running to me!”

Today I caught myself uttering one of those sayings. It went like this…

We, (Micah, Emily, & I), were sitting at the table eating lunch. I looked over at Micah, who was fooling around, and said, “Micah, you need to eat your lunch.”

Micah looked right at me and said, “No.”

To which I, in my not so smart Mommy moment, responded with…”Are you supposed to tell Mommy ‘no’?”

And of course Micah sat there just blinking. I’m quite sure he was trying to come up with some response…but what’s he supposed to say since he is not to tell Mommy “no”?!

Please tell me I’m not the only Mom out there that has heard dumb sayings leaver her mouth?!


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  1. Tara October 15, 2009 at #

    Well I’m sure I’ve said some really dumb things but since he’s less than 2, I don’t feel so bad about them yet 🙂

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