Christ In The Chaos by Kimm Crandall {A Book Review}

Christ in the ChaosChrist in the Chaos by Kimm Crandall

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The Overview

Just as the back cover says, such will you learn in this powerfully refreshing book by Kimm Crandall. Reading it brought me to my knees both figuratively and literally. My mind was overwhelmed once again by the simple yet unfathomable gospel truth, while physically, I got to my knees in both repentance and adoration to my Savior. Christ In The Chaos does not just tell you what the gospel is and how it applies to our lives, but rather gives you picture after picture of what it means to live it out daily – minute-by-minute even – in our lives specifically in the role of mother. However, I firmly believe that any woman will be able to read this book and gain a greater understanding of gospel impact on our routine, earthly lives.

Christ In The Chaos Book Review by @MandyJHoffmanThe Readability

This perfectly sized read is just right for it’s audience – mothers who are always short on time. The 10 chapters flow well into each other yet they also stand alone well enough to be read in reading sprints rather than marathons. While the content is beautifully deep, Kimm Crandall makes it simple and so very easy to understand the amazing truth of the gospel. Readers who have studied other books on the gospel will enjoy this just as much as the one who has is still wondering how the saving gospel applies to our daily lives.

The Highlights

I greatly appreciate Kimm’s honest writing which made me praise God for all He is doing in her life and can do in my life, as well. She aptly applies the Bible to everyday situations you and I may face and teaches you how to apply the Word of God for yourself without turning it into another list of do’s and don’ts. She is not sharing her personal opinion, but rather spoon-feeding us the truth of the gospels that we, in our false maturity, think we already know.

The Downside

If you do not believe that the gospel is good for both salvation for our everyday needs, you will not like this book. However, if you are daring enough to read it, it could be the book God uses to help you understand more fully His gospel grace. For me, and other readers who are desperate for a book that will help us on our continued journey to apply the gospel to each moment of our lives, this book has no downside.

The Recommendation

I give this book a hearty endorsement and will encourage every mother – and even every women – to read it sooner than later. My copy is no marked and on my shelf to be referred to again and again as I turn to a friend to point me to Christ in the hardest moments of motherhood. No matter where you are on the journey of motherhood – first time mom to the empty-nester – you will benefit from this book.

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